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Eat Smart, Move More Handouts

  • Who is it for?

    Anyone who wants simple tips on eating smart and move more.

  • How do you get it?

    Download for free from this website.

  • How is it used?

    These ready-to-use handouts can be used in any setting. Use them in wellness classes, or post them in common areas.

These handouts provide information and tips on a wide variety of topics involving nutrition and physical activity. They are available to be downloaded in PDF format.

Eat Smart and Move More – Seven Behaviors to Adopt Today (hi-resolution version for printing)
Eat Smart and Move More – Seven Behaviors to Adopt Today (lo-resolution version)

Back-to-Basics Nutrition

Enjoy the benefits of chocolate (Spanish)
Enjoy nutrient-rich fish and shellfish (Spanish)
Enjoy the nutrient richness of root veggies (Spanish)
Enjoy lean beef on a budget (Spanish)
Enjoy eggs morning, noon or night (Spanish)
Pick vegetables with the most nutrition (Spanish)
Five smart reasons to enjoy the sweet flavors of fruit (Spanish)
Get into a whole grain habit (Spanish)

Back-to-Basics Cooking

Make cooking cool for kids (Spanish)
Have your cheese and enjoy it too (Spanish)
Five quick ways to fix vegetables with the most flavor (Spanish)
Enjoy successful baking projects (Spanish)
Bake quick breads well every time (Spanish)
Five fun facts about the science of baking (Spanish)
Five smart ways to stock a nutrient-rich pantry (Spanish)
Delicious ways to prepare fish quickly and healthfully (Spanish)
Quick ways to microwave delicious vegetables (Spanish)
How to make eggs easily and quickly (Spanish)

Back-to-Basics Fitness

Smart ways to get in great shape this year (Spanish)
Fun ways to get fit and get flexible (Spanish)
Smart ways to enjoy safe bike rides (Spanish)
Fun ways to create a family physical activity plan (Spanish)
Simple ways to build strong muscles at every age (Spanish)
Five straight facts about video games and fitness (Spanish)
Start walking with your sole mates (Spanish)
Keep the fun in fishing (Spanish)
Fun ways to get your heart pumping - from A to Z (Spanish)
Get into a strength training groove (Spanish)

Additional handouts may be found by clicking this link then by clicking + National Nutrition Month Handouts.

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