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Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School is making it safer for North Carolina children to walk and bicycle to and from school. NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) awards funds to local governments, partners and school systems to improve walking and biking infrastructure. Projects include the following:

  • Bike paths
  • Crosswalks
  • Additions or improvements to sidewalks
  • School zone signage and traffic calming mechanisms within a two-mile radius of a school
  • Programs that encourage walking and biking to school, enforce safety for walking and biking to school, or evaluate these activities

North Carolina was funded to establish a Safe Routes to School state network that supports the National Safe Routes to School program through the following actions: advocating state strategic highway safety plans that consider pedestrians; implementing and improving state level Safe Routes to School programs; adding Safe Routes to School goals into school wellness policies; developing and securing state-level funding for bicycle and pedestrian traffic safety curricula and training programs for schools; enacting policies that create street-scale improvements for walking and bicycling; changing statewide school siting policies to encourage school placement near residential areas; and implementing existing legislation that makes it easier for children to walk or bicycle to and from school.

All of these efforts are paying off. Over 232 schools have been directly impacted by funding from Safe Routes to School, and as funds continue to be awarded, grassroots adoption of walking and bicycling to school programs continue to expand in most school districts.

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