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Community and Schools Success Stories

Color Me Healthy: Preschool curriculum on eating healthy and being active.

The Eat Smart, Move More NC University Collaborative: Partnerships provide strong working relationships among Universities for research funding.

Farmers’ Markets: Farmers’ markets and their partners reach underserved populations.

Healthy House: Facility provides education, activities and resources that can lead to the prevention of obesity in high-risk children.

Joint Use Agreement Connects Duke Healthy Lifestyles Clinic and Durham Parks and Recreation: Partnership allows obese patients access to recreational facilities to achieve physical activity.

North Carolina Community Garden Partners: Partnerships increase access to healthy food through community gardens.

Safe Routes to School: Statewide initiative to make walking and biking to school safer.

Click here for programs and tools to help you promote healthy eating and physical activity in your community or school.

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Eat Smart, Move More NC exists through the work of its many partner organizations.
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