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The City of Belmont: A Picture of Active Living

More students in Belmont are walking to and from school thanks to a partnership between the City of Belmont, Gaston County Schools and the Gaston County Health Department. These organizations worked together to make walking to school safer and easier for elementary, middle and high school youth in their community.

According to Adrian Miller, the Assistant City Manager for the City of Belmont, “The greatest success has been the new sidewalk being built to connect South Point High School with a 300-home neighborhood that is about a half mile from the school. Students were already walking to the high school but did not have a sidewalk between the neighborhood and the school, so they were walking in the street or in the grass. After several parents and students came to the City Council to request a sidewalk, we added it to our Capital Improvements Plan and had it ready for the 2012-2013 school year. These students now have a 5-foot-wide sidewalk from their home to the high school, making walking safer and more convenient.”

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