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North Carolina Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council

The NC Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council was created through legislation in 2009, as mandated in NC G.S. 106-830, “to contribute to building a local food economy, thereby benefiting North Carolina by creating jobs, stimulating statewide economic development, circulating money from local food sales within local communities, preserving open space, decreasing the use of fossil fuel and thus reducing carbon emissions, preserving and protecting the natural environment, increasing consumer access to fresh and nutritious foods, and providing greater food security for all North Carolinians.” The 27-member council includes the Commissioner of Agriculture, State Health Director, Secretary of Commerce, six farmers, one commercial fisherman and representatives from non-government organizations and agencies. Statutory duties of the council are to consider programmatic issues, develop policies and submit an annual report to the NC General Assembly which includes findings, recommendations, legislative proposals and proposals for administrative action. Since 2009, a number of system level changes to support access to healthy foods have occurred that have supported a variety of the strategies in North Carolina’s Obesity Prevention Plan 2007–2012.

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