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The Red Apple Project

NC Prevention Partners’ Red Apple Project (the nutrition and healthy food section of WorkHealthy AmericaSM) assists hospitals across North Carolina in making healthy foods the easy and affordable choice through five core principles: access to healthy foods, marketing and labeling, pricing, benefits and incentives, and education. Once the hospital environment reflects these core principals, the hospital achieves Red Apple status. Ninety-five of North Carolina’s 129 hospitals reached Red Apple status between 2008 and 2011. In 2012, NC Prevention Partners raised the bar to a Gold Apple standard, which 14 hospitals had achieved as of the summer of 2012.

In recognition of the impact and success of the Red Apple Project, NC Prevention Partners was awarded the US Health and Human Services’ Healthy Living Innovation Award in 2011, one of only eight organizations recognized nationally for cutting edge work in health promotion.

“Everyone deserves to live and work in a healthy, supportive environment. WorkHealthy AmericaSM makes it easy for employers to assess their organization’s prevention policies and systems and begin making improvements.”

–Dr. Meg Molloy, President and CEO of NC Prevention Partners

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